Torrent Gas
Conjure by animation a digital interface and produce a
virtual buzz to increase confidence of the new brand.
Torrent Power is one of the leading brands in the Indian power sector. Torrent Group has recently forayed into City Gas Distribution business to meet another critical need – Green Fuel – in different parts of India. Torrent Gas has its presence in 16 Geographical areas spread across 32 districts covering 7 States and 1 UT in India.
Torrent Gas Private Limited is highly dedicated to reach all the natural gas user of expanded Geographical areas with effective and efficient management of the natural resources. The gain in productivity will benefit all its dealers, shareholders, customers.
Year 2019
Timeline 6 month(3 variant)
Torrent gas had a requirement to create an AV which will create awareness to the end users in the sector of Green fuel. The process started with Site reiki which is a key step if a shoot is required post which script was made in discussion with the client followed by a detailed storyboard, where we proposed visualization of video in a single static storyboard diagram. Once the Storyboard was agreed , our studio team shot the scenes. The storyboard was designed to communicate the reach of torrent power to end users by using VFX and 2d animation. The storyboard was created according to the client's taste.
The music selection was critical to set the mood of the audience. Considering the target audience, and as they were new in the market the AV was made in Hindi, English and Local Language. Local Language voice over was done on request of the client as they wanted to add a personal touch in their AV. The SFX and was done carefully to suit the aspirational blend of the visuals and merging well with the title track.