Hager India
Enhancing the product's launch by using animation and
creating a visual buzz
Hager Group is a leading provider of solutions and services for electrical installations in residential, commercial and industrial buildings. Hager brand, with products ranging from energy distribution through cable management and wiring accessories to building automation and security systems, represents the core business of our company.
In India Hager has set up a manufacturing unit in Pune in 2007, and a sales/marketing team to fuel sales growth. Active sales and promotional activities, levering the best available platforms are being conducted to communicate Hager value propositions.
Year 2019
Timeline 15 days
Hager India had a requisite to produce a launch av to promote their company’s upcoming h3+ product. The process commenced with our copywriter engendering the script which was then discussed with the client for approbation. Following which our illustrator designed a static storyboard.
Storyboard had been designed to interact ingeniously to the users utilizing VFX and 2D animation. Cull of music was profoundly paramount to keep the audience in mood, we chose a track of the genre “Upbeat.” The SFX aesthetics was done to compliment the storyboard.