TATA Motors
TATA Motors CSR is an effort to look at the
company’s long-term interest
Guided by the philosophy of inclusive community development, meaningful social engagement has been at the heart of the corporate social responsibility efforts. At Tata Motors, the CSR efforts are focused on improving the quality of life of underprivileged communities neighbouring our business operations. The interventions focus on health, education, employability and environment, impacting over 6,44,000 lives in India. TATA Motors CSR is an effort to look at the company’s long-term interest and ensuring that the company’s future is well sustainable.
Year 2014-15
Timeline 6 Months
The process started with development of script and a logline, which is a one-sentence summary of your story, and they’re primarily used as a marketing tool. The loglines contained these three elements:

A protagonist ( TATA Motors)

An antagonist ( Programmes)

A goal ( CSR Fundamentals)

The script then was followed by a detailed storyboard where we placed the footages on the editing timeline and understood the script flow. Distributing the video content is important, so don't miss it out the project brief. The production of the video will change dramatically depending on whether it's to be viewed on website or large format.
The music selection was critical the mood or energy of a song had to set the tone of the video. Considering the target audience, as well as the nature of their business, we selected a track of “Subtle” genre. The SFX and was done carefully to suit the aspirational blend of the visuals and merging well with the title track. The video was launched in their annual CSR roundtable and is due online release in month of September 2018.