TATA Motors
Tata motors concept of connecting aspirations of
smart city with energy efficient is commendable
Tata Motors Group is a leading global automobile manufacturing company. Its diverse portfolio includes an extensive range of cars, sports utility vehicles, trucks, buses and defence vehicles. The Auto Expo is Asia's largest biennial automotive show where all industry brands showcase their upcoming launches.
Tata Motors came with a smart city connectivity with a major focus on electric cars to make a city eco friendly. Tata motors is one of the first Indian players to enter commercial as well as passenger in the electric segment.
Year 2018
Timeline 2 Months
Tata Motors had a requirement for Auto Expo 2018 to demonstrate their cars with a philosophy of connecting aspirations towards a human touch. The idea of human intervention came as how it would favor the end users(Humans) and it was very creatively presented. The project started with the stakeholders gathering, where the idea of connecting aspirations was brainstormed and integrated into the theme.
The storyboard was made, and a screenplay followed. Rendering each car in 3d and creating a walkthrough using VFX and SFX had added visual impact that was just what the consumer wanted. In the advertising and automobile sectors the av was well gratefully received. This was one of our signature products.